Maslak … The New Investment Center in Istanbul

Location and Population:

On the European side of the Bosphorus Strait, the area of “Maslak” located, which is the most important shopping center in Turkey, having a strategic location close to the Asian section of Istanbul, and includes major international companies and hotels.

Maslak ... The New Investment Center in Istanbul

It is located in “Sarıyer” district, which is one of the city’s most important tourist, commercial and residential districts. It has an area of ​​161 km2 and has a population of 289,000. It is featured by its direct view of the Bosphorus Strait which gives it an unrivaled aesthetic dimension. With its public facilities that attract both tourists and residents. The most famous landmarks are the “Rumelihisarı” castle and the “Emircan” Park, where the history and geography in the province embrace the magnificent masterpiece.

With its proximity to “Sisli” and “Eyup” Central regions, as they locate in the heart of Istanbul which becoming more and more important, full of luxurious, making it an ideal destination for those seeking luxury apartments in Istanbul.

World of business and communication:

The region has the world’s most prestigious shops and shopping malls, full with skyscrapers and luxury commercial towers.

It also includes the most important restaurants and luxury shopping centers such as “City Restaurant”, “Nusret” International Restaurant, Istanbul Valley Malls, ” Canyon”, “ Estenia Park” and “Sapphire” Mall within the giant “Sapphire” Tower, famous for its panoramic views of the city.

The area has an excellent transport network, which can be reached from the third airport in Istanbul within half an hour. It is also possible to reach “Taksim” or to the Asian side in a quarter of an hour, with metro and metrobus lines making it an ideal investment environment, and make your investment chance not to miss.

Maslak ... The New Investment Center in Istanbul

The future of the region:

Some experts believe that “Maslak” may be the best place to have a property in Istanbul. The search for apartment for sale in Istanbul Maslak will not be better than this quiet residential area, it is often quiet and calm, we may exclude some neighborhoods during working hours only.

This area is the second most expensive area in Istanbul, with its elegant architecture, exceptional geographical location, and its embrace of the finest brands, restaurants, hospitals, universities, hotels and banks. Which makes it the target of luxury real estate seekers in Istanbul.

Our experts at “Estate Nation” have made it easy to find, they make a list of the most important projects in the area. You can brows them by clicking here.

This area is featured by its creative architecture, a high altitude and rising with its high towers, which makes the wonderful supervision an essential part of the lives of its inhabitants, especially if we know that it is based mainly on the mountainous forest area.

Finding property for sale in Maslak Istanbul on the Bosporus may seem like a dream, because this strait means aesthetic meanings that extend deep into the history of the region, and reflect the confluence of greenery in azure with dazzling beauty.

The region has seen a significant rise in prices if we look at prices by the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, it is a region that is growing rapidly and is developing significantly.

For this reason, the future looks promising in this area, in a way that confirms the doubling of the price of apartments in Istanbul in the coming years.

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