Tourism in Turkey in The Summer

Last year, Turkey topped the list of countries preferred for safe holidays in light of the Corona pandemic, according to Anadolu Agency, and this is due to its commitment to take the necessary preventive measures. Despite the exceptional circumstances that the world is going through due to the pandemic, Turkey last year received about 16 million tourists, and tourism revenues amounted to nearly $ 12 billion, according to data from the Turkish Statistics Authority.

From the beginning of 2021, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey launched the “Safe Tourism” program in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, which is based on four basic pillars: the health and safety of the traveler, the health and safety of workers in the tourism sector, and taking the necessary measures in facilities and means of transport. Documenting hygiene and health safety standards in airports, airplanes, hotels and restaurants.

If this indicates anything, it is that the tourism season in the summer of 2021 will have another taste in Turkey.

Tourism in Turkey in The Summer

The average temperatures in Turkey in the summer season are 23 degrees Celsius, and it may reach 30 degrees Celsius, and summer tourism is booming in Turkey because summer is the vacation season for most workers around the world.

Here are the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey in the summer:


The state of Muğla includes 12 islands, and is famous for its picturesque town, Fethiye, and ancient historical archaeological sites, which makes it a favorite destination for millions of tourists from inside and outside Turkey.

Bulent Bulbuloglu, head of the Federation of Tourist Hotel Operators in the Turkish South Aegean region, said that the bulk of tourists who vacation in Muğla state come from Britain. And that the tourist facilities in the state have completed the necessary preparations to receive tourists this year.

The first cruise ship coming to Turkey this year was docked on the shores of “Bodrum” in Muğla on the thirteenth of March, and the state will start receiving guests coming from Britain this year as of next June, and those coming from Russia and Ukraine from the month of May.


The state of Antalya is known as the tourist capital of Turkey for its rich resorts spread over the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, and recreational activities such as kayaking and paragliding.

This state is the preferred destination for tourists from Russia, as about a thousand Russian tourists arrive every day, according to the Anatolia News Agency.


If you love swimming and are looking for clean and wonderful beaches, then Izmir is your ideal destination for an unforgettable summer vacation.

The town of Alagate in Izmir is a popular destination for tourists, where you can practice several water sports besides swimming, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.


During the first quarter of this year, the Cappadocia region, in the state of Noshehir, received nearly 197,541 visitors. The region is famous for its historical and natural attractions, such as its underground cities, and “Satan’s tables” that were formed as a result of erosion and erosion factors.

Cappadocia is also famous for its balloon rides, which are enjoyed by local and foreign tourists.


We cannot talk about tourism in Turkey without addressing the city of Istanbul, which is the cultural and commercial capital of Turkey with its European and Asian sides, and it is the largest city in Turkey, located on the Bosphorus between the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, and is distinguished by its cultural richness as it contains a large number of mosques, museums and monuments Historical palaces and castles that tell the stories of the civilizations that lived in the country.

The splendor of Istanbul is not limited to this archaeological aspect only, as it is a contemporary city that keeps pace with the latest styles of architecture, as it is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure, and it contains many commercial centers, and many promising construction projects are currently being held in it, such as Istanbul’s new airport and the Istanbul Canal.

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