Transport Lines and Their Impact on the Real Estate Market in Istanbul

It’s impossible to imagine a life in a city like Istanbul which have sprawling and multiple neighborhoods and distant areas without a huge transport network tide those parties and folds the distances and save time. The Turkish government has made maximum efforts in this field, it has developed the infrastructure in all if the city, and has worked and is still working on the establishment of metro Istanbul lines and tramway, which facilitates the process of moving from one area to another.

Transport Lines and Their Impact on the Real Estate Market in Istanbul

The most important transport routes in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul has a large number of large means of transport, which can accommodate a large number of passengers sitting with the cleanliness, air conditioning, the convenience of transport and distance from traffic congestion, the most important of them are:

1- Metrobus: Metrobus in Istanbul is one of the most important means of transport in the city and is a significant leap in this area, as it reaches the eastern and western sides of the city, and passes through the most vital facilities, the most important universities, ports, centers of entertainment, tourism and archaeological.

It also passes through a joint station with the metro and tramway which makes it a major nerve in the public transport network.

The real estate prices have risen in areas which Metrobus pass through, as can be seen especially in “Beylikdüzü” area, the demand for apartments for sale in Istanbul have increased in the near of Metrobus line area and increased with real estate prices in which compared to areas around them.

The time is right now to invest in those areas around the Metrobus line, especially with the new stations being built by the government.

2- Metro: It is a means of transport under the surface of the earth, and is a trailer vehicle moving by electric power, and stations are also below the ground, also the most important subway lines in Istanbul:

  • Line of “Aksaray – Airport” (and vice versa) M1

  • Line of “Taksim- Levent” (and vice versa) M2

  • Line of “Olimpiyat” M3

  • Line of “kadikoy” M4

  • Metro Levent M6

  • Metro Marmaray

Transport Lines and Their Impact on the Real Estate Market in Istanbul

The most famous Metro stations in Istanbul are: “Taksim”, “Mecidiyekoy” and “Osman Bey” because they are located in the most famous areas of the city, which are filled with tourists and residents of the city, in addition of historic sites and tourist attractions, and luxury hotels.

The Istanbul metro map can be seen as connecting to the city’s most important sites, attracting investors to nearby properties, and offering great offers for apartment for sales in Istanbul by installments 

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3- Tramway: It is a trailer vehicle moving above the surface by electric power, and the most important lines in Istanbul:

  • T1 “Kaptas – Bagcilar” (and vice versa)

  • T3 “Kadikoy – Moda” (circular route)

  • T4 “Topkapi – Mescidi selam”

There are joint stations between the metro and the tramway, the most important of which are the “Zeytinburnu”, “Kaptas”, “Aksaray” and “Taksim”.

4- Ferries: Maritime transport is one of the most important transportation of Istanbul, especially that the sea surrounded by all its aspects like: Sea of ​​Marmara, the Strait of the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus Strait, and the Black Sea.

The ferry ride is similar to a beautiful cruise, senses the breeze, watching the prospects, as you can get tea or coffee, and operate large transport ferries in Istanbul since 2010, offering its services to reach more than 45 cities. The tours of Bosphorus is one of the most famous tours of these ferries, Along with Golden Horn tours, and Princess Islands tour, which makes looking for apartment for sales in Istanbul Fatih is a good choice.

5- Public transport buses: Despite all these modern public means, public transport buses must be in some neighborhoods or in order to reach the metro stations, Metrobus and others, it is also important for access to the historical tourist and archaeological sites.

There are also buses belonging to private transport companies or to private investors.

All of these connections are used by “Istanbul kart”, which is an electronic wallet that is similar to that used in many cities around the world.

The most important transport routes in Istanbul:

The Turkish government has set up a number of projects supporting the transport network in Istanbul, which is expected to start in the beginning of next year, for example the “Gebze – Halkali” railway have been established to connect the Asian and European sections of the city.

It is expected that the areas near the line will see a rise in property prices making investment in its areas of high value now, access to cheap apartment for sales in Istanbul at the present time  is possible in those areas where the modern transport lines and will witness a civil rise with the starting of this transport. The most important of them are:

  • Metro Line of (Sabiha airport – Tavşantepe)

  • Metro Line of (Dudullu – Bostanci)

  • Metro line of (Bogazici hisarustu aşiyan – Funikuler)

This transport contributes to the spirit of many areas, contributes to the provision of population time and facilitates the transition from one region to another.

The researcher of a property in a certain area as house for sale in Istanbul and  property for sale in turkey in general, must know all the transport lines that pass through the area of ​​choice, and the metro stations that pass these lines and the time needed to reach various destinations, for all of this must be consulted the experts of real estate companies in Istanbul. If you are looking property for sale Istanbul transportation’s engage with, consult us free, Contact now.