Turkey Weather Guide

Turkey is featured by its extension over a wide geographical area, as it is located in the continents of Asia and Europe, which makes it a bridge between the two continents of the old world and an important commercial, tourist and cultural center. We can divide Turkey according to terrain into five regions, where the weather and climate throughout the year vary greatly. If you intend to buy a house in Turkey and are looking for the area with the most suitable weather for you, we offer you a weather guide in Turkey according to each of its regions:

Turkey Weather Guide

Turkish Mediterranean region

Among the most famous cities in this region are: Antalya, Kas, Side, Alanya.

This region is characterized by a long and relatively warm summer suitable for swimming and sunbathing with little possibility of precipitation. The winter is humid and the rate of precipitation may reach 200 mm per month, and the average winter temperatures are about 15 degrees Celsius, while the summer temperatures may rise to 35 degrees.

Aegean region of Turkey

Among the most famous areas: Bodrum, Fethiye, Izmir, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Alinkum, Gocek. The summer is hot and hot, the winter is humid and mild, and snow rarely falls, but the probability of thunderstorms is high in this region, and the rate of rainfall reaches 100 millimeters per month, and rain rarely falls in summer. The average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius in winter and 36 degrees in summer.

Black Sea Region

This region is famous for its rainfall throughout the year, so that the average winter precipitation is about 130 mm per month, with a high probability of snow, and the humidity in the air is very high. The average rainfall in spring and summer does not exceed 60 millimeters. The average temperature in winter is 5 degrees Celsius, and in summer 25 degrees.

Anatolia region

which in turn is divided into three sections: Central Anatolia: It enjoys hot, dry summers without rain, and cold winters, with a precipitation rate of up to 55 millimeters per month. Temperatures reach 7 degrees Celsius in winter and do not exceed 29 degrees in summer.

Eastern Anatolia: The climate of this region is volatile due to its height above the ground and its distance from the sea, and the summer is hot, and the winter is long and very cold, and the rainfall is constant throughout the year, estimated at 25 millimeters per month.

Southeast Anatolia: The winter of this region is cold with a high probability of snow, and the average rainfall is 60 millimeters per month in the winter months, while it never rains in the summer, which is long and dry. The average temperature is -1 degrees Celsius in winter and 40 degrees in summer.

Marmara region of Turkey

This region contains the city of Istanbul, with its European and Asian parts, and Istanbul has a humid weather in general, and the humidity may reach 80% at times, which leads to the formation of fog in some areas, and the winter is cold with a high probability of snow, while the summer is hot. The winter temperatures in Istanbul reach a maximum of 10 degrees Celsius, and 29 degrees in the summer, and the rainfall is 100 millimeters per month in the winter.

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