Turkey’s second most important real estate city is back to life

Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” announced earlier this month that the travel ban – already imposed due to the new Corona virus – will be lifted between 7 out of 31 cities, led by the city of Antalya, and this news made a great resonance and was a pleasant surprise for many for one reason only: That is, the city of “Antalya” is really concerned with this decision! So why Antalya? What is the importance of Antalya? Indeed, what is its location in the surprisingly large Turkish real estate market?

In general, the states of Istanbul and Antalya account for 66 percent of the real estate sale market for foreigners in Turkey, according to statistics in 2019 and most of the years that preceded it since the Turkish real estate market began to grow, as the number of housing units sold to foreigners in Turkey during 2019 reached approximately 45 thousand units, 66 percent of them are in Istanbul and Antalya only, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority. The number of housing units sold to foreigners in the past five years has reached nearly 148,000, 60 percent of which are in the states of Istanbul and Antalya alone! This indicates the extreme importance of these two cities in the Turkish real estate market.

Turkey's second most important real estate city is back to life

The importance of Antalya

Just as the city of Istanbul is the center of trade, finance and business in Turkey, in addition to its geographical beauty and historical heritage, Antalya is considered one of the most important international tourist destinations, due to its picturesque coastline overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where Antalya is the second largest destination in terms of real estate investment in Turkey, and also in Tourism, and this is confirmed according to statistics on a monthly basis, as these regions are the most profitable, and also have the highest rates of foreign presence in them.

The numbers of buying real estate in Antalya by foreigners from January to March of this year reached nearly 1900 properties, as the purchase was made throughout the city and in various types of real estate such as apartments, villas or commercial buildings, as the main area in Antalya is the city center, The region has a 600-km coastline with sandy beaches, stunning views and a Mediterranean climate, making it a preferred area for stability and housing. However, it remains the tourism excellence and lifestyle that is unparalleled anywhere in the country, which enhances the position and reputation of this region in all parts of the world.

As the best tourist center in Turkey, Antalya is distinguished by its hospitality and professionalism, whether it be in major holiday packages, all-inclusive hotels or sailing on the five-star Turkish Riviera, and the diversity in shopping, nightlife and dining places that excel the big cities in Turkey and other countries is highlighted. And, the atmosphere of Antalya is ideal for both luxury and ordinary home buyers, or for anyone wishing to invest in real estate, which is one of the most important investment facilities in Turkey.

The most important areas of real estate projects in Antalya

  • Kalkan: Speak to any Turkish real estate expert, who will have nothing but praise for the Kalkan region, which is located in the heart of Turkey’s southern coast, where the name synonymous with luxury lifestyles places a great weight on modern architectural design villas with amazing sea views, along with Distinguished by a special lifestyle, Kalkan is divided into six separate neighborhoods, all of which offer something unique of magnificent views and stately mansions.

  • Alanya: Real estate investors generally prefer the Alanya region in the eastern end of Antalya, and thanks to the constant demand for tourism from various nationalities to Alanya, demand for real estate has also increased, as neighborhoods like Mahmutlar and Avsallar are among the most important neighborhoods of Alanya, and they also provide real estate at prices Reasonable per square meter, which provides great potential for capital increase for owners in the long run.

  • Kemer: The Kemer region is characterized by being unparalleledly clean, as it has urban growth also recently, and during the summer is a party center, as it is easy to reach from the main city center of Antalya, in addition to the surrounding tourist areas are One of the most preferred places among European investors, and among the most important neighborhoods and regions of the region: the city center, Gamiova district, Arslanbujak and Goynuk.

  • Belek: Belek is considered the capital of golf in Turkey, however the city is characterized by more than that, and is also famous for its beautiful beaches, five-star hotels and luxurious spa resorts. Belek also has a quiet residential environment despite its popularity, and therefore it is ideal for stability, so if you want in buying a property in Belek, the city center and Kadriye neighborhood are among the best places, as the Kadriye neighborhood provides great future potential in terms of house prices.

Antalya City Center: The city center is the best place for those who wish to enjoy shopping, transportation and nightlife. The region is divided into three regions, and buyers with a higher budget often prefer Konyaalti and Lara Beach, so that they can benefit from the coastal lifestyle in Turkey, as the beaches Konyaalti and Lara are among the top ten beaches in Turkey, and at the same time low-budget buyers often choose Kepez thanks to its central location, which is the region that is most favored for stability.

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