Unexpected Qualifications for Turkish Citizenship

In Turkey, many foreign investors have become eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship, since the publication of the additional articles of the naturalization law in Turkey in 2017, so whoever fulfills the general conditions can apply for Turkish citizenship, and this law is called the Turkish Citizenship Law by Submission The year.

Unexpected Qualifications for Turkish Citizenship

Nevertheless, the applicant’s fulfillment of the conditions for obtaining a Turkish citizenship does not mean that he has an absolute right to obtain it, and the Turkish authorities have the final decision to accept his application.

As for the general conditions for applying for a Turkish citizenship, the Turkish Citizenship Law states that the applicant must have achieved the following:

  • Must have reached the age of majority.

  • Being good character and have good reputation.

  • To submit proof of his desire to reside and settle in Turkey.

  • Must have resided in Turkey for 5 years before submitting the application.

  • To be able to speak the Turkish language.

  • Must have a stable income that is sufficient to support himself and his family, if any.

  • Must be in good health and not afflicted with a disease threatening public health.

  • Not being a threat to national security and public order.

The first age-related condition is clear and precisely defined in Turkish law.

As for the second condition that demands a good reputation, the Turkish authorities have the right to evaluate the applicant applying for Turkish citizenship. For example, the condition is not met in the event of problems related to illegal trade.

As for the third condition, namely proving the intention to settle in Turkey, the laws in Turkey do not specify how to do so, and examples presented: establishing a commercial activity, buying a property in Turkey, or completing studies.

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the fourth condition, as the Turkish Citizenship Law stipulates that whoever wishes to apply for Turkish citizenship must live as a duly resident of the law in Turkey for 5 consecutive years, and with a residence permit valid for the five years. When this period is completed, he must obtain a valid residence permit until applying for Turkish citizenship.

Short-term visas granted for tourism, study or treatment, as well as diplomatic residency visas, are not included in this condition. Unless the candidate obtained another type of residence permit during the last year of the five years, then the previous residence permits can be recognized, with the exception of tourist residence permits. Thus, the tourist residence permit is not useful in the application for Turkish citizenship.

Also, the candidate should not have spent a total of 12 months outside Turkey during the five years. It is not correct what he is promoting about the fact that the permissible period does not exceed 6 months. And some health conditions may be allowed to exceed the permissible period.

As for the fifth condition about proficiency in the Turkish language, the Turkish authorities do not require that the candidate for Turkish citizenship speak the Turkish language fluently, but in a manner that enables him to live inside Turkey. To verify this, the candidate is invited to an interview with the Nationality Committee.

The sixth country requires the candidate to have sufficient income, and this can be proven by submitting a work permit or his own project in Turkey, as well as through bank accounts, especially if he has projects and businesses outside Turkey. If the above is not achieved, he must submit a letter of guarantee from a Turkish citizen to the authorities.

The seventh condition does not specify the type of dangerous diseases, but it can be identified with diseases that pose a threat to public health, and a comprehensive medical report is required for the candidate, and it is also required that it be issued by a Turkish public sector hospital and not a private sector hospital or a foreigner.

The eighth condition is clear, and the candidate can obtain his judicial record in Turkey through the government portal for that.

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