What are the Reasons for Success of Your Real Estate Investment in Istanbul?

After the remarkable renaissance of the real estate market in Turkey in an impressive way near and far, the subject of real estate investment in the city of Istanbul – the largest city and the most powerful economy and attractiveness – emerges as one of the most important areas of investment in the entire Turkish economy, and in this regard, the newcomer to this market The riser of the question about the most important factors of the success of this investment, tools and methods, where differentiated real estate investments according to their location, and elements of success that support them, each site has its advantages, and each real estate in Istanbul for investment has the ingredients for its success.

What are the Reasons for Success of Your Real Estate Investment in Istanbul?

In general, real estate investment is a pioneer among all other investments, because it is the safest, and because it is linked to a permanent need of life is the need for housing, the value of the property usually increases, making increasing profits over time, with the possibility of loss almost non-existent.

Earlier statistics showed that the number of properties sold in Istanbul alone during the month of March of this year amounted to 4321 properties, and Turkey was ranked among the best countries to own a property, and the city of Istanbul ranked ninth among the most visited countries in the level of In 2018, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Los Angeles and other important tourist cities are preceded by Istanbul, one of the largest real estate sales points, and the best real estate investment in Turkey.

Real Estate Investment Branches

  • Investment in commercial real estate: such as investment in the types of property not allocated for housing, and fall under this type of different investment forms, such as: commercial offices, shops, industrial real estate, and the development of agricultural land.

  • Investment in residential real estate: Investment in real estate in Istanbul  used for residential purposes only, such as villas and apartments, and in general, real estate investment in Istanbul in all its forms is a successful real estate investment and is recognized for excellence, in terms of revenues and profits, but provided that the necessary measures and commitment to the success .

What are the Reasons for Success of Your Real Estate Investment in Istanbul?

Elements of successful real estate investment

  • Trying to choose the most active site for real estate and most profitable, the choice of where to invest carefully within the most promising modern areas is one of the most important elements of successful real estate investment, because these areas are doubling real estate prices rapidly over time, which is a real profit and accelerated for investors.

  • Investment in existing projects, where it is preferable to invest in real estate ready for delivery, as this helps in the evaluation of the property and detect its defects more than the property purchased on the map, and to ensure that the implementation of the property and receipt, which leads to freezing of capital for periods that may be long.

  • Investment within the investor’s financial capacity, real estate investment is of course a long-term investment, the investor should study his financial situation well, and determine his investment and financial capabilities, you can see this blog  to learn more tips that help you save as much money as possible when buying a property in Istanbul.

  • Diversification of real estate investment, where it is always preferable to diversify the real estate portfolio as much as possible, in terms of the type of property, such as investment in an apartment and a shop, and the diversification of the place of purchased real estate, the diversification of the real estate portfolio raises the possibility of profit, and is more secure when the volatility of markets.

  • Choose a suitable real estate consultant or consultant company, who have the status of experience and honesty, this will help you to get reliable information and expertise to provide you with the necessary advice for the success of your investment, where the real estate adviser is always informed of the status of the real estate market, which helps the investor in choosing where to invest Better, a reputable real estate brokerage company will help you greatly, as such companies have the full ability to provide legal care for purchase contracts securely, and they are the most familiar with the prices of real estate, S between the real and displayed in each region, so that they can get the best price for the investor.

  • Resident in Turkey is considered as the determinant of the direction of the real estate market in Turkey, and accordingly it is always advised to look at the property in the eyes of the resident and not the tourist, and accordingly choose the property according to the desires and needs preferred by residents to achieve the purpose of investment.

  • Exploit the period of fluctuation and decline in currency exchange rates, as it will take time for real estate prices to change according to the exchange rate change, and by taking this step and investing in the property can ensure a high return on it.

  • Be careful not to be dragged behind the marketing advertisements of the property that it is an investment opportunity, and that it was offered as home in Istanbul for sale because of the urgent need or that its price is lower than the values ​​offered in the real estate market, if this is true, the real estate brokerage companies and Turkish citizens would take advantage of this opportunity before it reaches Here. You can read this blog to learn more about avoiding the risks of acquiring a property in Istanbul.

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