When You are Looking for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul, How to Choose Type, Area, Number of Rooms?

It is not an easy decision at all, which you want to make when you search for apartments for sale in Istanbul which is full of options, with multiple areas and diversity and the nature of the topography of the region itself, the diversity of forms and nature of real estate, and the different areas, prices and offers, in addition to dozens of other options, becomes the subject of choosing the right property a bit confusing.

When You are Looking for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul, How to Choose Type, Area, Number of Rooms?

However, this is not so complicated. In the first place, you should determine, as a first step, your own circumstances and possibilities that should move on to the next step, which is to choose the right one from many options. In the first step, consider the following factors before choosing the nature, size and number of rooms:

  • Distance or proximity to your place of work or study.

  • Availability of public transport to reach the house easily.

  • Proximity from services, schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

  • Your own budget and its suitability with any offer you can get if it’s in rebates or installments.

  • Legal affairs of the property, and the reliable real estate agent you have.

  • Is the property suitable for you yourself? The housing requirements of the family differ from those of young people, for example, and even the decision to choose housing varies according to the number of family members themselves.

Now that you have identified all these factors, you can now proceed to the next most important step, which is how to determine the nature and shape of the housing you want, its area and the number of rooms, and this is what we will help you in determining this accurately by listing all the options and features And their suitability for each individual need.

Nature of housing

Not all apartments and houses in Turkey are the same, but differ from each other, and each type of what distinguishes it and gives it a kind of special aesthetic that drives buyers to buy it, each according to taste, needs and budget. Some of them can be an apartment within a building or residential complex, some of which can be one or two floors, and some of what can be an independent building, such as villas or palaces, and here is a detailed explanation of each of them:

  • Standard apartments: These are standard apartments that usually consist of several rooms in addition to the kitchen and bathroom. These apartments are within a single building, consisting of several floors and can accommodate a group of apartments, and enjoy certain security conditions such as electrical doors or surveillance cameras, but not the case Generally, many-storey buildings often have an electric lift, and cleaning services can be available in many Turkish buildings. The prices of these houses are related to the general market price of the area in which they are located. Construction services can be a reason for their price or rent. Plays near the building within the neighborhood of vital facilities and transfer stations and popular tourist areas or beaches and markets, an important role in increasing both the price and the value of the house rent.

  • Apartments complexes: These apartments are located in modern residential complexes with many services and features that are ideal, such features of residential complexes: protection and security on the main gates of the complex, and the presence of a private garage for cars, maintenance and cleaning services, and the presence of green spaces, playgrounds and gardens Swimming pools inside the complex, and the presence of at least a restaurant or cafe, and some complexes have a supermarket or shops, there may also be a primary school or a mosque, the prices of apartments in modern residential complexes are usually higher than similar to ordinary apartments in buildings Rent prices are also quite high.

  • Penthouses: In the large buildings and skyscrapers, and located on the last floor, the idea is shortened to the last floor is all one apartment, and the walls of the house outside of glass, where the inhabitants of these apartments enjoy stunning views and views of the entire city, the penthouse apartment provides comfort There is no other neighbor in the floor, which guarantees the independence of its inhabitants. These apartments are expensive, but they are one of the most beautiful forms of residential luxury.

  • Duplex apartments: they are two full apartments, one of which is located above the other within the same residential building, and linked by an internal staircase, each apartment is separate from the other in terms of rooms, kitchen, living room, guests and bathrooms, and each apartment is completely independent, but the owner of the house can be allocated Apartment for living and cooking, while the upper apartment is devoted to bedrooms and bathrooms for example. One of the most important features of these apartments is their large capacity, they are very suitable for large families, especially since they cost less than the cost of buying a villa in Turkey, but the total price of the duplex is less than the total price of two independent apartments with the same size, location and specifications.

When You are Looking for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul, How to Choose Type, Area, Number of Rooms?

  • Studio apartments: Studio apartments are a small apartment, usually an area of ​​60 square meters at a minimum, which is valid to live in only one or two at most, and is featured by being cheap compared to similar apartments because of the small size, and therefore the rent is also low other. This apartment is only one room occupied by the kitchen corner, and there is a small independent bathroom in the apartment, and in some cases can be shaved with a small room or two rooms apartment, and is an ideal accommodation suitable for students or those who want to live on their own, they provide them to Low price side Comfort and autonomy away from participatory youth housing. In this regard, the apartments of one bedroom for sales in Istanbul can be a similar and good option.

  • Villas: Many of the world’s wealthy people, especially the rich Arabs, are buying luxury villas in Turkey, because this type of housing offers safety, autonomy, the size of the house and its large area, in addition to the luxury services and green spaces. Villas usually have a garage for cars. These villas are usually expensive due to the location, size and features of the villa, as well as the engineering design and decoration which also plays an important role in increasing the prices of the villas in Turkey.

  • Palaces: a type of villa dating back to historical roots, the most famous Ottoman palaces around the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and prices are very expensive, sometimes up to about 90 million US dollars, has been offered more than 60 palaces for sale out of 600 palaces around the Bosphorus They are all characterized by their large size and very large rooms, which can be converted into five-star hotels in case the buyer wants to invest.

Area and number of rooms

The second factor in choosing the right housing is the number of rooms and the area of ​​those rooms and the area of ​​the whole dwelling in general, which also varies depending on the needs of the customer and the number of family members and budget, as the more the area of ​​the apartment the higher the price, the following illustrate the relationship of apartment spaces in Turkey with room types 1 + 1 means a lounge with one room, 1 + 2 means a lounge with two rooms, and so on.

  • 1 + 1 apartments ranging in size from 60 to 110 square meters

  • 1 + 2 apartments ranging in size from 80 to 180 square meters

  • 1 + 3 apartments ranging in size from 135 to 220 square meters

  • 1 + 4 apartments ranging in size from 180 to 250 square meters

Of course, the spaces vary according to the nature of the dwelling itself in terms of being a duplex, penthouse or villa, but these numbers are approximate numbers that can give an idea of ​​the rooms and spaces, and certainly will be the decision of the customer according to the circumstances and needs, you can also review our article on how to choose the best housing in City of Istanbul.

If you are looking for the best apartments in Istanbul, or if you are just curious to see the real estate prices in Istanbul , we are ready to help you decide your most suitable choice, and to ensure that you get the best options available to you profit and save the value of your future property for housing Or to invest in Turkey, take advantage of our guidance and consultation completely free of charge, which our experts will gladly and welcome you, Contact us now.