Where Arabs Buy Their Real Estate in Istanbul?

Arabs preferred to buy real estate in Istanbul after the recent developments in the real estate market in Turkey, in Istanbul, which is the most important of them was the openness policy adopted by the Turkish government and the extensive facilities for foreign investors wishing to find property for sale in Istanbul or other Turkish cities.

Where Arabs Buy Their Real Estate in Istanbul?

The statistics for the first half of 2019 indicate that this large sector continues to attract foreign buyers, mainly Arabs, to achieve their desire to acquire real estate in Istanbul , as well as indicate that the Iraqis top the list of foreigners buying the most property in Turkey, and Istanbul was according to these statistics The same statistics issued by the Turkish Statistical Commission have confirmed Istanbul’s squadron on the throne of the best-selling cities of the whole property in Turkey, because of its historical, geographical, touristic and aesthetic importance makes it one of the most important cities in the whole world.

Why did the Arabs choose Turkey?

  • The rapid and remarkable developments witnessed in the real estate sector, which made investment in it a great opportunity for safe and profitable investment at the same time.

  • Low real estate prices in Turkey compared to European capitals with the availability of high-quality real estate in turkey specifications suitable for all tastes.

  • Turkey was and still is a sister country for Arabs in the natural and societal environment, where the Arabs found themselves in a new home appropriate to their customs, traditions and lifestyle.

  • The fascinating nature, ancient history and geographic diversity of the land have provided Arabs with the appropriate options for their aspirations.

  • The conditions experienced by many neighboring Arab countries have made Turkey the safe haven in which they found their refuge with the country’s political and economic stability.

The new law on Turkish citizenship, which gave investors the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship after buying real estate worth $ 250 thousand, which positively impacted the influx of Arab investors to Turkey who looked forward to achieve the unique features of the Turkish passport.

Where Arabs Buy Their Real Estate in Istanbul?

Areas of Arab concentration in Istanbul:

Charming Istanbul has been a rare attraction for the various social classes. It is composed of 39 eastern and western provinces, each with its own advantages and services. Its wealthy people turn to the Bosphorus, where the upscale areas are close to the city center, while others find their destination in other parts of the city. The most important are:

  • Esenyurt is of great strategic importance, as this area is among the most important areas of urban transformation and is witnessing a large organization and large urbanization with the waiting for the new metro line that is supposed to connect Esenyurt Square to the “Başakşehir” area, and is the bestselling area for real estate in Istanbul , and It represents the second best area for Arab housing after Fatih city center, and has recently witnessed an increasing percentage of Arabs coming to it, until we find all Arab neighborhoods, and the percentage of those looking for apartments for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul has increased with the low price of real estate compared to other neighborhoods. , we present a list of the most important real estate projects in Esenyurt where one can get the best price and the most suitable offers.

  • Beylikdüzü overlooking the shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and has become one of the most prominent areas intended for the Arabs to live in recent times because of the provision of secure transportation and services and ample architectural rivalry of European cities. It has a strong presence among the pioneers of the Arab real estate market; many searchers for apartments for sale in Istanbul want to choose it as a quiet and upscale residence at a competitive price compared to the city center. Here is a list of the projects in Beylikdüzü specially designed for those interested in exploring Istanbul real estate options.

  • Başakşehir is one of the most prestigious areas of modern Istanbul. It has gained great fame and importance for its good proximity to the new Istanbul airport, and the establishment of a number of residential projects and huge, sophisticated, and Arabs accepted to live in this luxury area, where they found schools Arab and international, high-quality services and distinctive housing. If you would like to see the best projects in this region you can visit the link here.

Bahçeşehir, a very close area to Başakşehir, is featured by its proximity to the Istanbul Canal, a beautiful area with many gardens and large green areas, and was covered by the recent wave of urban renaissance that affected the city of Istanbul, has become one of the most important attractions for real estate investment especially Among the Arabs. Here are some of the best projects in Bahçeşehir area in Istanbul, on the list that facilitates the search process, whether you are looking to find apartments for sale in Istanbul by installments or cash, you will find what you aspire to here.

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