Why Istanbul is The Best-selling City in Turkish Real Estate Market?

Istanbul is a favorite due for all people in east and west, and the destination of tourists and holidaymakers, it is the myth of imagination and love and the story of civilization and history. All people are aware of its cultural, historical and religious status, and know its charming and varied temperate nature, which is the cultural, economic, social and tourist capital of Turkey. It is also one of its largest cities, with an area of ​​5461 km and includes 39 municipalities.

Why Istanbul is The Best-selling City in Turkish Real Estate Market?

It includes many landmarks that played an important role in drawing attention to them, such as “Istiklal” Square, “Taksim” Street and the Ottoman monuments of palaces, mosques, offices and museums.

This position has been the cause of the city’s superiority and its place on the throne of hearts and hearts, and was able to maintain the city’s best-selling property in Turkey for nearly ten years.

What are the advantages that made Istanbul the best-selling city in Turkey?

  • Property prices in Istanbul are features by diversity and suitability for different categories, with the end of the city, there are renewed real estate opportunities that suit everyone from simple houses and not to luxury palaces.

  • Luxury residential complexes are available in modern neighborhoods that emulate European life and sometimes match it, with the most suitable price advantage, you can see the details of the great offers in the finest complexes by following our projects, as this big city combines high-end luxury and beautiful real estate in Istanbul  Affordable prices, many are looking for property for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt due to the large number of projects and diversity and the low prices compared to the central prices in the city.

  • Istanbul is an economic city of excellence and is therefore an ideal destination for investors who may find in the world of real estate strongly supported by the Turkish government their promising opportunity, and they may also be looking for a profitable investment in the world of entrepreneurship in Istanbul, which makes them to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul Or looking for suitable offices for their turkey real estate investment.

Why Istanbul is The Best-selling City in Turkish Real Estate Market?

  • Istanbul has landmarks that make it among the major capitals in the world, the most important of which is the third airport which is scheduled to be the first airport in the whole world.

  • This city also has a huge number of international schools and universities that give it priority to foreigners coming to the real estate world in Turkey.

  • The city of Istanbul includes the largest malls and shopping centers, which includes the finest and most famous international and local brands, which gives it a vital and modern commercial aspiration of those who desire luxury life.

  • The strength of this city is its strong infrastructure and modern and increasingly sophisticated transportation lines, which facilitate life in the giant cities and make it easier for those who want to reside there.

  • If the new law to acquire Turkish citizenship has affected the real estate market in all of Turkey, its impact on the city of Istanbul will be more; many of its real estate have to meet the specifications of the property required to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is a great opportunity for travel lovers and travel with The strength of the Turkish passport.

The Arabs have the largest share in the acquisition of apartments for sale in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, and Iraqis topped the list of foreigners buying the most property in Turkey, the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Beylikdüzü tops the search for Istanbul real estate in addition to search for apartments for sale In Istanbul, Başakşehir is the capital of the giant capital.

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