Advices for choosing the right real estate consultant

The demand for investment in the real estate market in Turkey is increasing from all over the world, whether for the purpose of real estate investment only, or to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey. from any fraud that may occur. But who is the real estate consultant? And what are his duties? Is it really necessary to rely on it? What are the criteria for selecting the right real estate advisor? What is the difference between it and a real estate broker? All these questions and more will be answered in the next article.

Advices for choosing the right real estate consultant

Definition of a real estate advisor

Real estate consultants are specialized people with extensive experience in the real estate market, working to provide real estate and financial advice to clients who want to buy, sell or invest in real estate, highlight the pros and cons of real estate and achieve real estate investment in the best way to gain customer satisfaction and improve the image of the company or real estate agency which they work for, and it should be noted that the real estate consultant in Turkey has a real estate license stating that he is working as a real estate consultant.

Real estate consultant duties

The main task of the real estate consultant is: to find the right property for the client with the specifications he requested and at the lowest possible cost.

The following is a breakdown of what the real estate consultant’s work and responsibilities are:

  • Initially, the real estate consultant communicates with the client or meets with him to determine the exact specifications of the required property, and to determine the client’s goal of buying the property; That is, does he want to buy it in order to live in it or for investment?

  • Then comes a very important step, which is determining the economic situation of the customer and knowing the budget that he has allocated for his project, or the so-called purchasing power of the customer.

  • After that, the real estate consultant conducts an extensive search for the properties offered for sale, and here the efficiency of the real estate consultant and the extent of his experience and knowledge of the areas that contain the best offers are highlighted, and then he prepares a list for the client containing the most prominent properties that match his conditions with a list of prices appropriate to the allocated budget.

  • Providing advice to the client about choosing the best property and answering any question the client has on this subject.

  • Conducting field visits with the client to the candidate sites, provided that the times of the visits fit the client’s schedule, and this is an inevitable step; The real estate consultant must explain the advantages and disadvantages of the site and the property to the client on the ground.

  • Acting as an intermediary between the customer and the seller, in addition to coordinating sales operations and supervising the signing of contracts and official papers.

  • The real estate consultant can also provide after-sales services; Such as assistance in choosing furniture, renting or reselling the property.

The importance of a real estate advisor

The use of a good real estate consultant saves the searcher for a property a lot of time, effort and money spent in the process of buying a property, and helps him to avoid the risks and mistakes that may occur in the selection and purchase process, as many people only buy a property once in a lifetime, which makes it practical Fateful that may affect the rest of their lives, hence the necessity of hiring a real estate consultant to provide safety and avoid fraud and deception by some real estate owners, especially when the buyer is a foreigner.

Criteria for choosing a real estate advisor

To choose a real estate consultant, one can start by asking those close to him and his acquaintances about the qualified real estate consultants they know. He can also search the Internet and the websites of real estate companies.

Among the most prominent characteristics of a successful real estate consultant, which are a criterion for his efficiency and encouragement to work with him:

– To have extensive experience and accurate knowledge of the Turkish real estate market and real estate projects, with their pros and cons.

Credibility in dealing with clients, punctuality, and speedy completion of tasks.

– The impression of other customers through their evaluation of his services on his official website and social networking pages.

The difference between a real estate advisor and a real estate broker

A real estate broker does not work for an agency or a real estate company and represents for his personal interest only. He is just an information dealer who has no experience in real estate and investment. The real estate broker works as a mediator in buying and selling operations, and receives a commission in exchange for his services. From negotiating with both parties to achieve the best deal, in addition to his lack of credibility at times.

As for the real estate consultant, he works for the client, and it is not necessary for him to do the work of the broker, his main task is to help the client find the right property at the right price, and to use his experience in the real estate market to provide a list of options for the client after conducting the required research, and providing advice in all transparency and honesty.

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