Apartments in Istanbul, Residential Complex or Independent Building?

The options of any property for sale in Turkey are varied for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, so should I choose to live in a large complex or go for my own independent apartment? We shorten the distances in this article, and answer this question to facilitate the path of choice, and clarify its features of both choices. Your choice of you favorite real estate depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is your goal of buying a property and whether you want to live or invest in real estate.

Apartments in Istanbul, Residential Complex or Independent Building?

In the giant city of Istanbul, there are many complexes that compete among them with the levels of services and well-being they offer to their guests, and they are diverse to target the members of different social classes since the choice of housing in residential complexes in Istanbul is not one in all the complexes and must know the best residential complexes In Istanbul, which suits your budget and your real estate ambition, you will find  in our projects great options for the most beautiful residential complexes.

Advantages of living in a residential complex:

  1. The sense of security: the feeling of the residents of the complexes that the residential complexes walled and surrounded by doors and walls, thanks to private security and surveillance cameras, which increases the sense of security even when traveling outside the home.

  2. Calm and Peace: For the lovers of quiet homes, the choice of residential complexes seems ideal with the calm enjoyment of these complexes because of its location, which is often far from the hustle and bustle of the city center as we find in the Başakşehir area in Istanbul.

  3. Unity of form and style of engineering architecture: which gives harmony in the form reflects the positive impression of the population and gives them the opportunity to enjoy this elegant view.

  4. Parking and services: Residential complexes provide guests with open or closed car parking. It also provides services that make residents do not need to leave the complex with all the services that vary between the complexes and sometimes reach the presence of the school, the mosque and the nursery. All the recreational places that one would like to visit include swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms, cinema and theater. Many complexes provide transportation from the complex to some of the main centers nearby.

  5. Large green spaces: Residential complexes are characterized by abundance of green areas, with walking paths for sport, while these areas are reduced in independent buildings, where construction companies tend to make the most of the space in construction, regardless of the expansion of green areas.

Apartments in Istanbul, Residential Complex or Independent Building?

Disadvantages of living in a residential complex:

  1. High prices: Prices of real estate within residential complexes are often more expensive than those outside, especially since the services provided by the complexes are high paid.

  2. Far away: Often, residential complexes are far from the heart of the city or the center, as they need in the origin of the construction of large areas.

  3. Restrictions of services: Many of the compounds put restrictions on the services provided by the most important of these services to be confined to the residents of the compound, if he visits a brother or relative, he cannot go to those services with you.

Advantages of living in independent buildings:

  1. Differences and diversity: Outside the complexes you will find all the services you need with greater variety, from entertainment venues to markets, schools, hospitals … all this will be close to you, but outside your place of residence, proximity to basic services and entertainment is an advantage provided by apartments With the diversity of these services in type and price.

  2. Low prices: The prices of property outside the complexes are often cheaper than inside the complexes, whether you are looking for condominiums in Istanbul or apartments for rent, in both cases the prices of properties outside the complexes are cheaper than in the complexes.

  3. Proximity: You can choose to live outside the complexes to find a property close to all public places or the city center and transportation that facilitates movement in major cities.

Disadvantages of living in independent buildings:

  1. Lack of guard: the complexes enjoy the responsibility of securing housing in your hand, and also reduces the privacy provided by the complexes.

  2. Noise and congestion: It are the opposite of the calm that you find in the complexes, while housing in the city center puts you in the heart of the congestion and noise that characterize the center of a major city such as Istanbul.

  3. Lack of car parks and green spaces: When you live in an apartment in an independent building you will not find green spaces surrounding you from all sides will be absent with the absence of playgrounds and private services, and you may not be able to find a place where you put your car in the absence of a garage Private cars.

When you want to buy real estate property for sale in Istanbul you should look for all the details related to it from the nature of the apartment to the number of rooms, area and location, and you must consult a reliable real estate agent that guides you to the right direction, you can get this consultation free of charge, call now.