Average Prices of Real Estate in Istanbul

The Turkish economy has evolved remarkably in recent years, achieving exceptional growth rates, which in turn led to the rise of the real estate market in Turkey and in Istanbul in particular, the largest city of Turkey and its economic, cultural and historical capital. Turkey real estate market has achieved remarkable booms during the past two years due to high Demand for real estate by both Turks and foreigners, especially the Arab investor attracted by the reasonable prices in Turkey compared to its European counterparts, in addition, the Arab investor was attracted to the lucrative rental income generated by Turkish Real Estate.

Average Prices of Real Estate in Istanbul

In this article, we will try to shed light on the apartment prices for sale in Istanbul , which is the most important and most attractive Turkish cities – in terms of buying or rent and depending on the different factors that lead to price differentials, and we will try to give you prices in an average enough to give you a clear idea of ​​prices Public.

The criteria for measuring the prices of apartments in Istanbul

  • Location of the neighborhood: The prices of apartments in the center of Istanbul are different from the prices in the outskirts, as well as for commercial real estate they are increasing prices in the famous marketing centers.

  • Proximity to transportation lines: Just because your apartment is located in a metro, metrobus or tramway station, there is no doubt that the apartments in this area are more expensive than the prices of apartments far from these stations. The same neighborhood as we move away from the main transport stations.

  • Proximity to shopping centers: Shopping and trade centers in Istanbul are one of the most important real estate distinguishes here from these centers, always when the specifications of a real estate project or apartment for sale in Istanbul must be mentioned the names of the nearby shopping malls as a factor of attraction.

  • Proximity to infrastructure projects: Selecting the location of apartments in Istanbul within the municipalities close to major mega projects, such as the third Istanbul airport project, the Eurasia Tunnel project and the Istanbul Canal project, will give the experience of buy real estate in Istanbul profitable dimensions in the foreseeable future, naturally. The price of apartments in Istanbul in these areas is very different from the market price, but this difference is usually not more than 20% in the normal situation.

  • Proximity to Istanbul city center: When talking about Taksim,  or any other area in the heart of the city, we must bear in mind a bit high prices, but if we move further away from the city center and fewer means of transport, prices can also fall, for example Beylikdüzü, which is located on the Metrobus highway, prices start from reasonable amounts and are much lower than the city center, and due to its proximity to the new metro line project, which will open next year, it is expected that real estate prices in this region could rise by 30% or more.

  • Existence in modern project areas and urban transformation: Examples are the Basin Express area of ​​Istanbul, where real estate prices have only tripled in three years. Başakşehir is expected to see a rise in property prices due to its proximity to the new Istanbul airport, which is expected to Give the name of Europe’s largest airport, it is quite natural that the surrounding areas near the airport will see a significant rise in property prices.

Selling prices in Istanbul

The average price per square meter in Istanbul is $ 1,000.As an idea of ​​the prices of apartments in Turkey in dollars, real estate prices in Istanbul start from $ 800 per square meter in remote areas, up to $ 2000 per square meter in areas located within the city center, experts predict that These prices will rise in the future, and the high-end projects in Istanbul compete with those in Europe and the world in many respects, such as the interior decoration, materials used in construction, the natural surroundings of gardens, green areas and water bodies, and with the lower exchange rates of the Turkish lira, The real estate market in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular has not been adversely affected, but some analysts considered that the current economic situation is a reason to seize the opportunity to own property in Turkey, especially after the issuance of a decision to stop dealing in foreign currencies, in the field of buying and selling real estate, in addition to encouraging the Turkish government For foreigners in this regard by granting Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, you can review our list of projects for details of prices according to the regions of Istanbul and the features of each, and will take an excellent idea of ​​the cheapest prices for apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Rental prices in Istanbul

Rental prices have been rising in Istanbul in recent years and the value of renting the apartment is 1100 TL per month after it was rented ten years ago by about 500 TL, for example, as in the purchase prices, the amounts of rent increases or decreases depending on the distance or proximity to the city center Other factors such as area, area and project quality also play an important role in the amount of rent. The reports pointed out that the continuous rise in inflation rates and the increasing internal demand for apartments, especially after the influx of refugees, which caused prices to rise almost doubled, noting that despite this, however, the real estate market is still witnessing continuous rental operations by about 5.5 million houses annually, and here is a brief table Gives you an idea of ​​the average rental and purchase prices in Istanbul for the latest statistics for 2019:

Property Type

Price in Turkish Lira

Apartment for rent with lounge +1


Apartment for rent with lounge +2


Apartment for rent with lounge +3


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