The Impact of The New Istanbul Airport on The World of Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

The importance of Istanbul’s third airport and its location:

Istanbul’s new airport was launched in April of 2019, and many economists have confirmed that this launch is a major turning point in Turkey’s economy, as it will contribute to Turkey’s entry into the list of the ten largest economies in the world, as the main controller of air traffic in the three continents (Asia, Africa, Europe).

The Impact of The New Istanbul Airport on The World of Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

And due to the importance of the third Istanbul Airport, it is expected that it will contribute to 4.9 of the total domestic income of Turkey by 2025, after its contribution to increasing air traffic and then tourism and trade and reducing the level of unemployment in the country, as 120 thousand jobs were created When turned on, the number is likely to reach 225,000 opportunities with the completion of the airport’s phases.

The new airport is located in the European section of Istanbul along the Black Sea coast, within the area of ​​”Arnavutköy”, which is famous for its many forests and nature reserves. It is 35 km from Ataturk Airport.

It ranks as the largest airport in the world, catering to the increasing needs of aviation that Ataturk Airport is unable to meet.

Transport links to the airport:

This airport is one of the most prominent infrastructure projects that the Turkish government has adopted and which has planned to reach this airport, a number of supporting projects, the most important of which are transportation projects that link the airport with the city; it has been linked to the third Istanbul Bridge, the Istanbul Canal and the northern Marmara highways, which will contribute In eliminating the problem of transportation and solving the traffic congestion crisis in Istanbul.

And it is planned that a subway station that connects the airport to the city will be opened in a way that makes reaching it as quickly as possible, and increases turkey real estate investment opportunities in Turkey, especially in the areas that the subway that goes to the airport passes, which makes time to choose your appropriate property and Start investing now.

The Impact of The New Istanbul Airport on The World of Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

The impact of the new Istanbul Airport on the world of real estate investment in the city:

A project of this size must cast a shadow over all sectors in the country, and the real estate sector was one of the most prominent sectors that were affected by the launch of the new airport, so the search for real estate to invest in Istanbul increased, especially in the vicinity of the airport, headed by “Arnavutköy” which witnessed an increase In the prices of its real estate by 0.22% due to its close proximity to the new airport, as the rate of rents in this region increased by 3.85%, and experts estimated the investment life of the property by 25 years.

The impact of the airport also included the area of “​​Başakşehir“, in which the price increase was observed by 7.94%. It was also noticed that the rental prices increased by 7.32%. The investment life of the property was estimated at 26 years. Here is a list of the most important projects of the Başakşehir high-rise that you can see here

And the impact extended to the relatively farthest areas. The “Büyükçekmece” area witnessed an increase in the prices of its properties by 8.95% and an increase in rents by them by 4.85% with the investment age of the property reaching about 27 years. You can find a list of project in “Büyükçekmece” are here.

And from the regions covered by the impact of the airport “Esenyurt” region, where the rate of price increase in it amounted to 8.33%, and the increase in the percentage of rents in it reached 20.85%, and the specific age of the property reached about 20 years, and you can also visit the most beautiful projects of the Esenyurt region through this link.

It is expected that the impact will increase to include all areas of transportation links leading to the airport, with the increase in the demand of foreigners to buy a property to invest in Istanbul, taking advantage of the unbridled investment opportunity provided by the third Istanbul Airport for those aspiring to a profitable and safe investment. So, if you aim to have a house for sale in turkey, villa for sale in Istanbul or home in Istanbul for sale, all of those areas will be a good choice.

If you are one of the real estate seekers in Istanbul, or you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul turkey, we advise you to search in the areas near the new airport and take advantage of the increase still in real estate prices there, and you will find our team waiting for you To help you find the right property for the most appropriate price, call now.