Turkey Real Estate Market

Despite the consecutive economic and political shocks, Turkey real estate market is still one of the most powerful real estate markets in the region, and one of the most important economic sectors in the country, and continues to grow and take root and attract investors from all over the world, and therefore the investor who wants to invest in real estate in all of Turkey The options that can be available to him as a foreigner who wants to invest in Turkey, and accordingly, we will try in this post to capture a huge number of aspects of turkey property market outlook and options for investing in it.

Turkey Real Estate Market

Real estate market facilities in Turkey

  • Residential Apartments: This type of investment is widely spread and is the most widely traded among the Arabs. These apartments, in addition to staying on holidays, benefit from the possibility of renting or selling them when their price is high. Investors usually tend to buy apartments under construction in huge housing projects in Turkey, looking for the difference in price when selling, which will start from 25% or more, and the best apartments for investment are apartments in Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, and Trabzon, depending on the tourism importance of these cities.

  • Villas: As for villas in Turkey, they are considered one of the most successful real estate investments, as they can be used to establish small companies, kindergartens or health centers. Also, villas in tourist areas can be used to rent them or to make them restaurants or tourist cafes. The prices of villas in Turkey are rising year after year, and this increase is one of the incentives to buy them.

  • Offices and stores: There are many shopping centers or towers in Turkey that have offices, shops and stores for sale in Turkey and it is a leading opportunity to use these offices for commercial purposes. Tourist offices, flight reservations offices, and service offices are spread in Turkey, so owning an office in Aksaray or Şişli. In Istanbul, for example, it is a profitable opportunity that is not lost.

  • Complete buildings: Complete buildings are used for the construction of large multidisciplinary companies, various medical centers, or some major educational centers.

  • Arab and international schools: Schools in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, are a great investment idea for buildings, especially after the number of Arabs in Turkey has doubled.

Ways to take advantage of the real estate market in Turkey

  • Residential investment: A location close to archaeological or tourist attractions, or mediating shopping centers or near transportation lines, must be chosen. The apartment can be clad with good furniture and bring all the requirements of the house and rent it furnished. The monthly payoff will be much greater, and vital areas can be exploited like buying apartments in Istanbul Near universities, this ensures the presence of foreign students who are rented out of the apartment and benefit from the permanence of rent and high demand. Also, advertising marketing plays an important role in obtaining better options.

  • Investing in apartments under construction: You can buy an apartment under construction in an area that witnesses modern infrastructure facilities, such as building metro stations or universities, in which case you can get the property at a lower price than when it is ready. You can buy in installments, and with comfortable payments for you, the price of the apartment’s sale after it is ready exceeds the price under construction by about 30 to 40% at the very least, and you can also get offers to buy attractive real estate, such as buying the first apartments in Turkey within modern projects, where the first sales are Usually lower price, get a low price if you pay a high down payment, or other encouragement offered by construction companies in Turkey.

  • Investing in the restoration of old real estate: buying old real estate at low prices, then restoring and repairing them, and putting aesthetic touches on them in terms of decoration and exterior appearance, and then offering them for sale and the offer prices will be higher than what was bought, and here this method can be successful when buying villas In Turkey, after repaired, the villa can be used for housing or for opening kindergartens, educational centers, medical centers or companies.

  • Commercial investment: It is also possible to invest in buying offices and commercial stores, renting them or opening special projects in them. It is mentioned that Arab tourism offices and restaurants are among the leading projects in Turkey from which investors reap the many profits.

Privileges of the real estate market in Turkey

  • Real estate residence in Turkey, which may later become permanent residence if you are the owner of a property in Turkey for a period exceeding eight years.

  • Real estate investment in Turkey commercially, such as opening a project or establishing a company, restaurant or school, all of which gives you the right to reside as an investor in Turkey, or to obtain a work residence in Turkey that gives you the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 continuous years.

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing one or more properties in Turkey in an amount that exceeds a quarter of a million US dollars, and many properties on this open market are available in Turkey.

  • The areas of use of the property for commercial purposes are broad, such as offices, stores, clinics, companies, cafes, restaurants, schools, health centers or other multiple fields.

  • The increase in the numbers of the Arab community in Turkey has increased the Arab commercial, educational and health centers, thus increasing the demand for investment real estate.

Conditions for taking advantage of the real estate market in Turkey

  • There are no difficult conditions against investors, all of which is that Turkey does not allow investment in areas near security and military locations, as the investor needs security approval before purchasing any property to ensure that it does not violate the condition of moving away from the military areas.

  • There was a law in Turkey that allowed investment and ownership only for citizens of countries in which Turks could also own property and invest in it, and this was known as (the principle of reciprocity) except that Turkey 6 years ago canceled the work of this law and this provided investment opportunities for many foreigners and formed A quantum leap in this area.

  • The Turkish government has abolished the value-added tax on foreign investors and expatriate Turks, on condition that they pay the value of the property in foreign currency (US dollars or euros) through Turkish banks, and this thing saves the investor from paying a tax that often amounts to 18% of the property value.

  • All conditions that apply to a foreign investor are identical to that of the Turkish investor, and there are no conditions reserved for foreign investors, except for the translation of official documents or the accompanying of a translator for the Turkish language, which are symbolic and negligible costs.

Real estate investments must be long-term in order to achieve the required returns from them. Therefore, the investor in Turkish real estate must be patient and have long-term plans to invest his money that will be saved in the form of real estate in Turkey.

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