Which Nationalities Can Own a Property in Turkey ?

The real estate market in Istanbul recently experienced fast and spectacular growth. Years ago, Turkey Government was tough about buying real estate in Turkey, generally from foreigners, and was dealing with the principle of similarity or reciprocity. The other countries that allow the Turks to acquire real estate in Turkey were treated the same way, allowing their citizens to buy property in Istanbul and Turkey.

The situation continued until the Turkish real estate law of 2012. It abolished this ancient method of dealing with real estate in Turkey, opened the door for everyone to acquire real estate in Istanbul and Turkey. This was an important step in the development of the real estate market in Istanbul. To further strengthen this market, the Turkish government has helped investors by offering concessions in the process to encourage them to buy property in Istanbul.

The government wanted to develop the real estate market further and enacted a law that allows Turkish citizenship acquisition through property acquisition. As the Turkish economy grew and developed significantly, investors would only take the opportunity to buy real estate in Istanbul – the charming city of Turkey – with Turkish citizenship without any trouble.

Which Nationalities Can Own a Property in Turkey ?

Nationalities That Can Own Real Estate in Turkey

The Turkish government allows most of the nationalities to own real estate in Istanbul and Turkey without imposing any restrictions. Except for some of the few nationalities that are not entitled to buy property in Istanbul and Turkey in certain conditions. There are 4 nationalities are not entitled to buy real estate in Istanbul, Armenia, Cuba and North Korea. However, there is a way in which the Syrian citizen can buy property in Istanbul, but indirectly, by establishing a company in Turkey, and registering the property on behalf of this company.

Based on the decisions of the Turkish government, the foreign citizen is entitled to own more than 300 thousand square meters only after obtaining the security approval from the Turkish Ministry of Interior. He also has the right to own real estate near military installations only after special security approvals, and if it is approved under certain conditions.

There are some nationalities that can buy real estate in Istanbul and Turkey only on terms imposed by the Turkish government. They are the nationalities of border countries with Turkey, such as Georgia, Iraq, Greece and Russia. These countries are not allowed by the Turkish law to own property on the border, however, they can buy property in other cities and inland areas away from the border.

Other nationalities are subject to different conditions and restrictions, such as Egypt, Afghanistan, Morocco, Latvia, and Albania. The Turkish law allows these nationalities to own real estate in Turkey of the type: apartments and offices only, and never allow them to own real estate of the type of agricultural land.


Buying property in Turkey and getting Turkish citizenship is available to most nationalities and states.

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