Why Buy Apartments in Istanbul by a Real Estate Agent?

Due to the large and expanding real estate market in Turkey and the variety of options and the complexity of legal procedures, many newcomers to this market, especially from Arab countries, resort to the use of a real estate agent or a real estate company to facilitate the search for the right property, in addition of the agents knowledge in prices of real estate in Turkey .
The buyer is well versed in Turkish geography, and the buyer when dealing with the real estate company benefits from many advisory services, and there may be distinct services shown by real estate companies to attract customers.

Why Buy Apartments in Istanbul by a Real Estate Agent?

The real estate agent Turkey must be aware of the most accurate details of the property, in terms of address or dimension and proximity to public transport and the area of ​​the property and the number of floors and view and other important details, even if simple, also must be fully aware of the prices and the possibility of negotiation, If there is a possibility to sell by installments or mortgage, the agent should be aware of the value of the first installment, and the values ​​of installments and monthly payments, as it is one of the preferred options for a large segment of customers.

How to choose the most suitable real estate agent?

  • You must rely on the reputation, experience and credibility of the real estate agent before anything else, and you can rely on the recommendation of friends or relatives in relation to an agent, as it will be a direct experience with him.

  • You can follow the directory of real estate companies in Turkey or social networking platforms to reach the most suitable real estate agencies in Istanbul , most of the agents who have accurate information about houses for sale in Turkey display on their official pages, and here you will take a clear idea of ​​how accurate and experience of this company or agent, The ratings, comments and interactions on the page will give you a clear idea of ​​the effectiveness, experience and credibility of the agent or company, in addition, the amount of offers available on the pages or website of the agent to be dealt with will give you a good idea of ​​his experience, in addition to how to view each property separately Leaflet detailed, clear and accurate without exaggerating the features, and must be fully aware about the prices of apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey .

  • When you visit the headquarter of the real estate company or the office of the real estate agent, it is fine to ask the legal documents of the company, which represents its license to work on Turkish territory, to ensure that it does not fall prey to some individuals who work without a license, and the possibility of referring to them in case of error, it is also important when visiting . The location of the real estate marketing company to identify the place and management and the rest of the working group, which can be dealt with later on the completion of the sale.

Why Buy Apartments in Istanbul by a Real Estate Agent?

Why work with a real estate agent?

  • If we want to define the real estate agent, it is as follows: Real estate agent is the person who manages real estate transactions in various forms, which facilitates and reduces the possibility of error or falling into unnecessary problem, the real estate agent is experienced in the field of real estate marketing and a large number of investment opportunities in addition to enjoying strong links with Real estate companies in Istanbul specialized in construction and real estate investment in Turkey, where the buyer comes to him with all the details that he wants to get in the property to find his application at the most suitable price and the most feasible.

  • The way the agent works is as follows: The real estate agent gets an official power of attorney from the land owners or real estate development companies to market and sell these properties, sometimes signing exclusive contracts with the landlords to be their sole marketer. The real estate agent negotiates on behalf of the buyer to obtain the lowest possible price for the desired property, and manages the entire sale process in terms of selecting the appropriate option until all legal procedures are completed and the property is ready for housing or investment, providing all pre- and post-sale services, and has the ability to Analyze the real estate market by having information on supply and demand ratios, as well as its ability to determine the best time to buy property in turkey and the best time to sell.

  • The way the real estate agent gets his profit is as follows: The real estate agent gets his profit by obtaining a percentage or commission from the real estate process that will be supervised, whether it is a sale or purchase. Directly, the real estate agent in Istanbul gets his commission from the construction company only according to a contract signed between them and does not increase his commission on the price of the property, that is, the buyer will get the same price whether he made the purchase through the agent or made his own purchase from the construction company, and if the purchase was from a private person The agent commission is collected from the seller and the buyer Half of the common rate in the real estate market.

Advantages of a successful real estate agent

  • Excellent dealing with customers, in terms of rapid response, and listen to them to understand the requests of the client with the appropriate questions to reach his desire accurately, in addition to clarity and transparency in communication and care to describe the property correctly and accurately, and must inform the investor or foreign buyer on projects Real estate services that suit him and help him move around and visit projects, and the better the company’s services in this regard, the more attractive to real estate investors.

  • The availability of real estate consultancy accurately and appropriate for all cases, where investors prefer to always ask and inquire about the real estate situation in Turkey, prices of apartments in Turkey, taxes and fees imposed on real estate, in addition to any other inquiry on how to invest and benefit from the property, whether residential or commercial Therefore, the real estate company covering this aspect is very desirable by foreign clients, because the investor from outside Turkey needs to ask many questions and it is natural to carry many signs of anxiety or fear and wait for honest and healing answers to start his first step Find houses for sale in Turkey.

  • The availability of legal services, as the foreign investor needs a company or real estate agent who is in charge of all legal affairs, to ensure the safety of the property from any violation or the existence of any legal problems related to a mortgage or so, and then to register the house in the land registry and extract the document of the “Tapo”, In addition to the possibility of avoiding fraud and fraud detection. Also, the investor may need services related to residence in Turkey, where many foreign customers prefer to stay in Turkey by buying a property.

  • The importance of the real estate company or Istanbul real estate agency becomes more and more attractive whenever their services are diversified. Social to reach the maximum amount of offers and customers at the same time.

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