Best Places to Go for Shopping in Istanbul

In a dynamic city such as Istanbul, shopping becomes an essential part of life, and the visitor enjoys the transition between the markets that vary between modern and historical, between markets with expensive or inexpensive goods, and between open and covered, as he finds the opportunity to buy in bulk sometimes.

And since Istanbul was the first center for tourist cities in Turkey, it was imperative that the tourists search for the best places to shop in them, and the value of real estate investments increases according to their proximity or distance from these distinctive markets, which places them at the heart of the real estate investor’s interest.

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The Most Popular Markets in Istanbul :

The popular markets represent an important tourist destination because of the cultural and historical nature it carries, which attracts those looking for the city’s landmarks that define its identity, and it also holds a high value among the local residents who find their goods that they are used to obtain and the relatively varied and inexpensive prices, the most famous of which are:

  • Grand pazar: It is considered one of the largest markets in the city and also in the world. It is said that it is the first shopping center in the world. It is located in the Al-Fatih area near Eminönü and it is a covered market that is decorated with ceilings and ornate arches and its roof adorns windows that allow the passage of light. Natural to him, and is specialized in selling handcrafted antiques of authentic Turkish character and beautiful souvenirs.

  • The Egyptian Market: It represents the second largest market in Istanbul, and is distinguished by its ancient Arab character, which dates back to four centuries ago.

  • The Egyptian market includes a number of popular restaurants, craft shops, and shops selling decorative ceramic artifacts and traditional clothing.

  • Eminönü Market: It provides the finest products at the cheapest prices, and because of its proximity to the coast is an ideal tourist destination, and it includes spices, clothes, hand-made textiles and jewelry. Its location is close to the fresh fish restaurants in Eminönü Port.

  • Friday Market in the Fatih region: It is one of the most popular and cheap markets in Istanbul. Every Friday is held in the Fatih neighborhood, and it is famous for its varied goods starting from fruits, vegetables, and fish through clothes, flowers, and various collectibles. It is considered the Fatih Bazaar. One of the cheapest shopping centers in Istanbul.

  • Istanbul Beyazit Market: It is located in the Beyazit area, and it is a popular market that contains shops selling souvenirs, clothes, shoes, perfumes and spices at wholesale prices. It includes about 3000 stores. Visitors to this market enjoy drinking Turkish coffee in nearby cafes.

  • Among the important popular markets are the Mahmoud Pasha Market, Yeshilkoy Bazaar, Othman Bey Market, Lalali District, Zadah Hotel Market.

Istanbul combines originality and contemporarily, and draws attention to the diversity of its old markets and modern malls that spread throughout the city and leave a valuable impact in the world of sprawling real estate in the big city .

The Most Famous of These Modern Centers in Istanbul :

  • Mall of Istanbul.

  • Istanbul Jewels Mall.

  • Venice Mall.

  • Safeer Mall.

  • Istinye Park Mall.

  • Canyon Mall.

  • Via Land Mall.

  • Marmara Park Mall.

  • Galleria Atakoy Mall.

  • Forum Istanbul Mall.

  • Floria Mall.

  • 212 Outlet Mall.

  • Historia Mall.

  • Metro City Mall.

  • Central Mall.

  • Ak Batti Mall.

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