The most beautiful gardens in Istanbul

The gardens add to the charming ancient city of Istanbul another aesthetic dimension, which is an added value to its historical originality, its urban beauty and its beautiful climate in summer and winter. However, the spring with Istanbul and its gardens has another story, especially with the utmost care that the city’s municipalities give to the gardens in terms of caring for their crops, roads and cleanliness.

And since Istanbul was present in the Ottoman caliphate for centuries, it was necessary for those visiting it today to see a creative distinction between the architecture of its architectural palaces and the splendid coordination of the gardens surrounding it, in a distinctive pattern in which the European aristocratic taste interacts with the delightful taste of the Ottoman sultans. For all that is beautiful.

Therefore, you see them have drawn in the gardens of their palaces artificial rivers, and designed water fountains and gentle lakes, and they took great care to be unique that is not matched by a garden in the world, and they brought in order to do so various types of plants that were not known in their countries before, and in the current era, Turkish municipalities – and in Istanbul in particular – have followed the same approach, producing distinctive gardens that are breathtaking and beautiful, and we will try in this blog to introduce you to the most important and famous Istanbul gardens.

The most beautiful gardens in Istanbul



GÜLHANE Garden is located behind the famous Topkapi Museum, and it extends to the gulhane area, which means Arabic “House of Roses” and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul. Over the years, several names have been launched on the garden such as: Flower House, Celebrity Garden, Pashawat Garden, Garden Writers, the garden of philosophers. The Gulhane Park was opened to visitors in 1926 and the garden was renewed several times, starting from being considered an official garden of Topkapi Palace, until it became a public park intended for locals and tourists from all parts of the land.


Yildiz Park is located in the Besiktas area, and is considered one of the largest public parks in Istanbul, and this garden was part of Yildiz Palace, and the garden extends down to the slopes of the palace, and a wall was built for it during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II for the enjoyment of the residents of the palace, and the garden contains the most beautiful Landscapes such as flowers, plants, and trees collected from all over the world, and are characterized by artificial lakes and small summer homes, and contains approximately one hundred and twenty types of trees, some dating back to the Ottoman era, and inside there are very beautiful fountains, and on the right side of the garden located small lake The fish manipulate inside, and the ducks swim in it in a wonderful and attractive scene. Also located at the top of the garden hill is a restaurant that serves delicious and distinctive meals with a wonderful view that starts in the lowest garden and ends with a magical view of the Bosphorus.


It is located in Emircan district of Sarıyer municipality, and it is considered an entertainment destination for tourists and citizens, and it may indeed be one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul, where the vast garden contains more than a hundred and twenty types of trees and rare plants such as Turkish pine, milky and blue, and there are lavender flowers, and they are held there Tulip Festivals, The park has a fictional nature with stunning views of the Bosphorus.


The Fanar Bahce Historical Park located on the Asian side of Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful and wonderful public parks in the city, and the park took its name from the lighthouse, which was built in 1857 in the Ottoman era, and is considered one of the best preserved lighthouses in Istanbul, where it played an important role in Maintaining the safety of ships while crossing the Bosphorus strait, the park contains distinct types of flowers and plants, and you can view from the park panoramic views of Princess Islands, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Hagia Sophia Museum.


Collet Park is located in Bahçeşehir, northwest of Istanbul. The park occupies an enormous area and contains artificial lakes of great beauty. There are also several restaurants and playgrounds for children in the park. Several waterways and lakes have been designed within the park, in addition to a walkway dedicated to playing sports and children’s games.


The Floria Park is located in the Floria region near Ataturk Airport, and it is characterized by its extension on the Marmara Sea with a charming view, and there are seats dedicated to seating visitors, in addition to various games and free sports equipment, and the garden includes several facilities and spaces for events, and the park is distinguished by its proximity to the famous Floria Restaurant The municipality of Floria, which provides great views of the Sea of ​​Marmara and offers delicious seafood meals and grilled meats at reasonable prices. There is also a café opposite the restaurant that offers many snacks and varied drinks.


Arab tourists know the hill of Çamlica as the puppet hill because of the constant hesitation of the newlyweds to marry the region to take the most beautiful memorial photos, and the puppet hill park is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, where in front of your eyes, Istanbul’s landmarks are marked with features that resemble the map, there are the Bosphorus strait and suspended bridges and there is the Eminönü region, From afar you see princesses and the islands scattered around them making their way across the sea, and on the other side of the hill the Asian side extends in front of you to the city, and you can also enjoy the beauty of flower arrangements and wander through the pedestrian paths, with the option of tuna Well delicacies in municipal restaurants its services and special prices.


On the banks of the Golden Horn of Istanbul, the famous Minya Turk Park stretches with its unique solids, 122 of Istanbul and Turkey’s most famous landmarks were embodied in the form of mini-models that simulate the original features of Istanbul in the smallest details, in addition to an audio recorded explanation that can be played by passing a special card for each stereoscopic in languages. Several such as Arabic, English and German besides Turkish, in addition to other landmarks at the level of Turkey, such as the Bursa Grand Mosque in Bursa, the Jamaluddin Rumi Mausoleum in Konya, the Clock Tower in Izmir, and the Mardin stone houses.

Bakırköy Botanical Garden BOTANIK PARK

Bakırköy Park is located within the Municipality of Bakırköy, and it includes many fun activities for all and for children in particular, where models are spread for several types of dinosaurs, water and sand playgrounds prepared for children, in addition to water formations flowing on a steep slope and poured into a pool of winged golden horses, and are found in Amidst the garden a water pool surrounded by trees and swimming in it types of turtles and birds, and you can drive the boat on a nice tour within the beautiful lake, and you can also eat delicacies in the restaurant of the vegetable garden and on tables spread on the edge of the lake with an exquisite view, and from L What draws the attention of the children in the garden of those small huts that mimic the houses (Smurfs), and models similar to their characters favorite cartoon.


Valley of Life Garden or Green Valley Park as some call it, it is several adjacent gardens that extend large areas within the Beylikdüzü region adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the park is characterized by its embrace of a unique group of free children’s games, in addition to the spread of large and filtered water pools in which large colorful fish swim, Among the wide range of gardens, you notice that the exquisite Japanese garden, which is spread by traditional Japanese huts, races visitors to take pictures next to it, all this, in addition to waterfalls, tables and fountains, and statues of poets, artists and celebrities that attract visitors. The guardian from all over Istanbul.

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