A New Line of Transportation Across The Sea from European Istanbul to Bursa

Roads and their various means of transportation between Turkish cities constitute an important nerve in the Turkish system of tourism, business and living in general in a large country with sprawling borders, such as Turkey, which contains more than eighty states and includes more than eighty million people, not to mention that each of these states contains a huge amount of Tourist attractions that – necessarily – are visited every month by a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

Maritime transportation is one of the most important means of internal transportation between some Turkish states, especially within the Marmara Sea, which is considered a pure Turkish sea, supervised by seven Turkish states, including Istanbul. The sea transportation routes between these states are faster and cheaper than land transportation, but are often more comfortable and more enjoyable because of the beauty and uniqueness of the experience and the magic of the beautiful landscapes experienced by the fast ships used in these transportation’s.

New Line of Transportation from European Istanbul to Bursa

Perhaps the most vital and used marine transportation method within the Marmara Sea is the many lines connecting each of Istanbul and Bursa, which is located on the southern shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara versus Istanbul, which sits on its northern beach, and Bursa is one of the most important Turkish states, which makes the transportation routes Between them and Istanbul is very vital for businessmen, tourists and travelers in general.

Why is Bursa one of the most important Turkish states? Bursa is the fourth largest state in Turkey in terms of population density, which is the ancient historical capital of the Ottoman Empire, and includes a huge number of monuments and tourist destinations, not to mention the picturesque nature and beautiful climate in summer and winter, and Bursa is the capital of the textile industries in Turkey, and the third most important industrial state It also occupies the first rank in Turkey agriculturally because of its fertile soil and temperate climate.

Originally, there are three main shipping links between “Mudanya” beach in Bursa, and between three different destinations in Istanbul: “Kadikoy” on the Asian side, and “Eminönü” and “YeniKapı” on the European side, but today, it has The Turkish shipping company “IDO” decided to open a new sea route from Bursa to the region “Büyükçekmece” in the far European side of Istanbul, to be the fourth sea line connecting the two states.

The company said that the flights of this line will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the company added that it will continue to work to open new transport lines in the city’s areas in order to meet the transportation needs and save time on citizens, because of the importance and vitality of maritime transport between the states, and its speed and smoothness compared to other means, and the company said that The new shipping line has come to provide time to transport people from the following areas in Istanbul: Büyükçekmece, Esenyurt, Avcılar, Beylikdüzü.

On the other hand, many tourists and newcomers wonder how to get to other Turkish tourist cities after arriving in Istanbul, the most important of which is the important tourist and commercial city of Bursa. Many of them take a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Bursa directly via a traditional land route, without knowing the beauty of an enjoyable and fast cruise through the above-mentioned routes and excursions.

If your departure point is from the new Istanbul airport, you can use Taxi to reach the Yenikapı marine station, for example, or to the new sea station in Büyükçekmece, then book the first flight to Bursa, and this journey takes only an hour and forty minutes, while it can The trip will last for three hours if using the road, but if your departure point is from Taksim Square, then you can take any bus to Yenikapı marine station or Eminönü marine station, to take this super interesting cruise .

There are five to seven trips daily from Istanbul ports to Bursa. Yenikapı port is adjacent to a bus station that transports visitors and passengers by public transport buses to various parts of Istanbul. Some ships also have the ability to transport cars in case you have a car. There are four classes of reservation for each vessel that vary according to the services provided, the spaciousness of the place and the beauty of the view.

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