New Details About Istanbul Canal Project, And The Implementation Starts Soon

The Istanbul Canal project is one of the largest projects that Turkey has witnessed during the past ten years, within the context of a comprehensive urban, service and economic renaissance that succeeded in moving the country to the ranks of developed countries in various levels, and with the start of the countdown to the implementation of the project, the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure revealed Comprehensive studies conducted in various specialties between 2011 and 2019 related to the Istanbul Canal project.

New Details About Istanbul Canal Project

The ministry said that the studies were conducted in various specialties, including earthquake analysis, urban planning, economics, cultural heritage, environment and traffic management, and the study was conducted in 33 departments with the participation of about 200 academics from several prestigious Turkish universities, and the ministry confirmed that 57 institutions and organizations have expressed their opinion on environmental impact assessment for the project, and I participated in the aforementioned studies related to it, and indicated that laboratory and simulation experiments were conducted for the project in Turkey and France.

The Turkish government is about to start implementing the Istanbul Canal project that links the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea in the European part of Istanbul, along a 45 km parallel to the famous Bosphorus Strait. The government aims through the project to reduce the movement of ships through the Bosphorus, and open new investment opportunities on both sides the canal, the project is expected to strengthen Turkey’s position in the field of water crossings.

Senior officials in the Turkish state, led by the President of the country “Recep Tayyip Erdogan”, have announced that the start of the Istanbul Canal project, which is described as the era project, is approaching, given that it strengthens Turkey’s position in the field of water crossings, and its contribution to the opening of new investment projects.

New Details About Istanbul Canal Project

The Turkish President said in this regard early this month that his country will put up a tender for the Istanbul Water Canal project, and proceed to implement the project at the earliest time, and stressed that the Istanbul Water Canal is a project to protect the Bosphorus Strait from very serious disasters, while the Turkish Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure affirmed “Cahit Torhan” that the Istanbul Water Canal is a civilizational project that protects the future of the Bosphorus Strait from marine navigation accidents.

The Minister stressed that the Istanbul Canal will reduce the damage emitted by ships carrying dangerous materials, as well as that it will bring new green spaces to the city, and pointed to the increasing number of ships that use the Bosphorus Strait due to the transformation of global trade to the east, indicating that the annual average of the traffic of ships In the Bosphorus Strait ranges between 40 and 42 thousand ships, knowing that the capacity of the strait is only 25 thousand ships annually.

The minister continued by saying: “Ships that use the Bosphorus Strait must wait for about a week, and this wait is actually costly for ships and maritime safety guarantee teams”, stressing that this navigational pressure in this narrow path has caused in the past accidents that have had a negative impact on the safety of Strait.

The Turkish Minister of Transportation also pointed out that the quantity of dangerous goods passing through the Bosphorus Strait – especially oil – has exceeded 150 million tons annually, and added that the Black Sea and Marmara Sea are two main pathways in the global oil trade, so the Bosphorus Strait is one of the most dangerous waterways in the world Accordingly, the Istanbul Canal project will not only reduce the pressure of navigation traffic in the Bosphorus Strait, but also reduce the risks that may occur due to ships, by providing an alternative waterway for tankers who wish to pass to and from the Black Sea without waiting.

Minister Turhan pointed out that the Istanbul Canal will be a multi-faceted project and services, and the Turkish government has made accurate calculations of all environmental and climatic factors and influences, and pointed out that after the announcement of the project, the institutions concerned began conducting the necessary studies to locate the channel, through five possible waterways.

He added that, based on these studies, the current corridor between the “Kucukcekmece” district, “Sazli Dere” and “Duruso” in the European part of Istanbul was chosen, indicating that the studies were formulated according to the most negative scenarios, which included wind speed, sea currents Deep, identification of potential tsunami impacts in the Black Sea and Marmara Sea.

 The Turkish minister stressed that the government has been keen to take the advice of civil society organizations and universities, as well as the views of institutions and organizations concerned with environmental impact assessment on the project, and added that the government aims to make the Istanbul Canal an ideal project referred to in Lebanon, so it spared no effort in assessing the potential impacts, negative She was a positive mother, mindful of an integrated and environmentally friendly project.

This is expected to witness the areas from which the Istanbul Canal will pass a clear and remarkable renaissance in the field of real estate, whether residential or commercial, and will have a wonderful sea view, especially with the projects that will be built on the two traits of the channel, which makes real estate investment in the areas from which the channel will pass in the future a profitable deal By all accounts, we have a list of some real estate projects near or overlooking the project path.

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