TOGG .. Turkey’s First Homemade Electric Car

Turkey revealed the first fully-made Turkish car, and Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” presented the prototype of this car, which aims to produce up to 175000 cars annually of five different models.

The Turkish president indicated that this step would fulfill Turkey’s dream, which it had not been able to achieve in sixty years, in reference to the “Devrim” car that Turkey first launched in 1961 and did not go beyond the prototype stage.

Erdogan also affirmed Turkey’s insistence on moving forward with this project, stressing that Turkey does not take permission or permission from anyone, but put all the technical features on its own, and for this purpose, Erdogan sat behind the wheel of one of the two typical cars that symbolize their red and white colors to the Turkish flag.

TOGG .. Turkey's First Homemade Electric Car

And “Al-Jazeera” quoted Erdogan as saying, “The infrastructure for charging electric cars will be ready by 2022,” and indicated that the project will receive significant government support represented by tax exemptions, and that the government will build a facility in Bursa to manufacture electric cars in northwestern Turkey.

More than 100 Turkish engineers have participated in this project, which is estimated to cost over three years at three billion and 700 million dollars.

And Turkey’s Minister of Industry “Mustafa varank” said: “This car will be the best electric car in its class. To this end, we will implement the procedures related to the infrastructure of electric cars in Turkey as soon as possible.”

And he confirmed the possibility of exporting the car from Turkey to the countries of the world due to the standard specifications of the modern Turkish car.

It is noteworthy that the engine of this car is 203 horsepower, and that its speed can reach 480 km per hour, and that its average energy consumption is about 10 Turkish liras ($ 1.80) per 100 km.

This project was launched by the “Anadolu”, “BMC”, “Karaja Holding”, “Turkcell” and “Zorlu Holding” in November 2017 after the President sent repeated invitations to the private sector to contribute in this field.

In this context, the companies “Anadolu”, “BMC” and “Karaja Holding” work in the field of cars. As for the company “Turkcell”, it is the largest telecommunications company in Turkey, and its work will be in the field of technology support, as well as the company “Zulu Holding” Multidisciplinary.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish government has gave great attention to the transportation sector and has launched mega projects to advance the country’s infrastructure to a level comparable to European countries.