Turkey is third in the world in the field of medical tourism

Medical tourism is one of the most important factors of attraction in Turkey in addition to other branches of tourism from leisure, study, scientific or commercial tourism, and Turkey has been able in the past few years to reach the third place in the world, within the list of first countries In the field of medical tourism, after both the United States and Germany, where Turkey was able in the medical care sector to manifest itself as a leader in many areas of this sector, such as plastic surgery, hair transplantation, vision correction, dental care and other medical fields.


تركيا تنال المركز الثالث عالمياً في مجال السياحة الطبية

Medical tourism in Turkey is considered one of the most important pillars on which Turkey depends to increase the number of tourists annually, in addition to being an important branch of the rising Turkish economy in general, and the presence of sources on which medical tourism is based in Turkey – whether natural as natural springs or as a result of medical interest such as specialized centers – was An auxiliary factor in increasing the proportion of tourism to levels not expected, and far from the millions of tourists who visit Turkey annually, there are millions of similar people coming for hospitalization or treatment and for tourism and visiting tourist places at the same time.

This escalating success started from the year 2018, when that year was considered a year of success in this field, as Turkey witnessed 39.5 million tourists in general, achieving a 22 percent increase compared to the previous year, according to the Turkish National Statistics Institute. These historical figures were recorded in the years 2014 and 2015 when the country was counted 36 million arrivals, and accordingly, the country achieved a great development in the number of visitors in relation to the statistics of 2004, as the number of tourists did not exceed 17 million tourists at the time.

Turkey has also been able to market to itself in this regard. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the country in order to receive medical or cosmetic treatments such as hair transplantation, however there are no official statistics on the numbers of these groups of tourists, although Turkey requires a special visa for those who want Access to these health services, but many of these visitors enter the country with a regular tourist visa.

During the recent years, a significant increase in the number of tourists looking for these medical services was observed. In 2018, the arrival of 890,000 tourists was recorded, compared to 765,000 in the year before, and it also recorded a significant increase compared to 2005, when only 126,000 tourists arrived for medical purposes.


The advantages of medical tourism in Turkey

  • The presence of medical centers competing with the largest international centers.

  • Medical centers are equipped to perform all surgeries.

  • There are a very large number of medical centers specializing in cosmetology.

  • The presence of mineral and sulfur water eyes and hospital springs that are highly cared for.

  • There are many tourism companies that organize medical tourism trips in Turkey.

  • The cost of the trip itself is not inflated compared to medical tourism in Europe.

  • The cost of surgery and cosmetic surgery is cheap with excellent results.

  • Providing all the services that a tourist needs since arriving at the airport’s land, and even before that, as medical tourism companies provide airline ticket reservations and delivery service to and from the hotel or medical center, as well as providing tourists with private cars for transportation, and preparing various entertainment programs before or After visiting the medical center.

The most attractive operations for treatment and cosmetology in Turkey

The most prominent medical tourism facilities in Turkey are plastic surgery of all kinds, as Turkey got a great popularity in the field of cosmetology thanks to the outstanding performance of doctors in medical centers, where they were able to achieve more than excellent results in all operations, and the list of plastic surgery operations that can be performed in Turkey, and in general, any cosmetic procedure that the tourist may want to do will find it available through the best techniques and the most efficient doctors. The cosmetic operations are as follows: facial cosmetics, body cosmetics, dental cosmetology, vision correction, hair transplantation.

Factors assessing the cost of a medical visit to Turkey

It is universally recognized that the prices of medical centers in Turkey are not compared to global prices, they are much lower with the same level of quality, and it is also known that visiting the monuments and archaeological sites in Turkey is not expensive, therefore, the cost of a medical tourism trip in Turkey can be controlled according to The level of service favored by the tourist, and in general there are many factors that affect the cost. The factors for determining the cost are as follows:

  • The type of operation: As the final cost is affected by the type of operation and its cost, every process, whether for cosmetic facial, body, or teeth, and so on, has a specific cost and multiple levels, and the type of operation is the most influencing the final cost.

  • Airline reservation: Upon booking the airline through the company, the final cost is added, and the cost varies according to the degree of plane seats and the number of seats reserved, of course.

  • Car rental: It is a service provided by the Medical Care Company for tourists who come to it, and the service affects the cost by choosing a car for a driver with or without a driver, as well as the size and capacity of the car in terms of the number of individuals, or not choosing a car at all.

  • Hotel accommodation: the cost is affected by hotel reservation when requesting a reservation service from the company, so it is added to the cost according to the hotel’s class, its proximity to or after tourist attractions, as well as its distance or proximity to the medical center, and of course the number of days of stay at the hotel.

  • Tours: The cost of the tourist trips and tours, and the difference in cost when they are individual or in groups, or special trips are added to the cost.

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