Turkey’s trade surplus with the European Union during 2019

Turkey's trade surplus with the European Union during 2019

Turkey has been a member of the World Trade Organization since 1995, and it is joined by the European Union as a customs union since 1996. The Turkish economy has witnessed a comprehensive renaissance until the end of 2019, including foreign trade, especially with the European Union countries that achieved a surplus of one and a half billion euros during the year According to the data of the European Statistics Office “Eurosat”.

In details, the European Statistics Office reported that the volume of Turkey’s exports to European Union countries during 2019 amounted to about 69.7 billion euros, while the volume of imports to Turkey from these countries during the same year was 68.2 billion euros, and only then Turkey was able to achieve a surplus In its trade with these countries, it amounted to one and a half billion euros.

Turkey had received in 2019 with profitable trade in January 2019, as its exports to the countries of the Union exceeded its imports by one billion and 797 million euros, the value of exports reached 6.8 billion euros and the value of imports reached 5 billion after it was 7 billion a month Same from 2018.

In April of 2019, Turkey recorded a trade surplus with European Union countries amounting to 827.7 million euros, after its exports to these countries reached 6 billion and 894.8 million euros, and its imports from them amounted to 6 billion and 67.1 million euros.

In May of the same year, the surplus achieved by Turkey amounted to 564.5 million euros, as the value of exports was 6 billion and 873 million euros, and the value of imports was 6 billion and 309.3 million euros.

Turkey also achieved a surplus of 603.6 million euros in October of 2019, with a volume of exports of 7.460 billion euros and imports of 6.856 billion euros, according to the European Statistics Office.

In November, the trade surplus exceeded 233 million euros, after exports recorded 6 billion and 828.6 million euros, and imports from European Union countries recorded 6 billion and 595.5 million euros, according to the same source.

“Anadolu news agency” quoted “Bartus Barziwara” the head of the trade and politics delegation to the European Union as saying: “The trade exchange between Turkey and the countries of the European Union has more than quadrupled since the establishment of the customs union between the two parties.”, It also quoted his assertion that Turkey is ranked fifth on the list of the most important trade partners of the European Union.

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